What to do After a Flood

It doesn't matter how water or flooding enters any building, the real question is what to do after a flood.  Homeowners in Plainfield have flooding from rain storms, plugged drains, failed footer drains, broken pipes, and failed sump pump.  The first task is always to stop the water and get rid of the water as fast as possible.  Rent equipment if necessary, but don't let the water stay for more than a day.

Attic Mold in Plainfield IL

Attic Mold PlainfieldWe find that attic mold in Plainfield is fairly common.  Depending on the time of the year, this area has a heavy mold spore count, and the attic needs the outside air for normal ventilation.  While ventilation of the attic is critical, attic mold can happen in nearly any attic.  

Air Quality Test of my own House

Air Quality Testing

We use a variety of test meters to test the indoor air quality, so I decided to test the air in my own house.  To preface this information, we are not the first owners, and we are diligent about the products we use and the care of the home.  Nonetheless, after getting some of the more advanced test equipment, I tested my house.  The results were not good.

Mold Sickness or Toxic Building

We test hundreds of home and offices throughout the year for potential mold problems.  As an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) specialist, there are a few basics that we test to find out why there is a health concern in a building.  First is humidity.  The normal range is humidity is 40% to 60%.  If the humidity is above 70%, the opportunity for mold, mildew, bacteria, and odors will increase.

Five Star Rating with HomeAdvisor

HomeAdvisor Joliet Mold InspectinsPlainfield Mold Inspection has served the community for more than seven years, and we are glad to be part of the HomeAdvisor project.  Thus far, we have a fantastic Five Star rating, and that doesn't come easily. Along with our other credentials the HomeAdvisor professional status with a Five Star rating means we put our best effort into every job.