Why Mold Makes People Sick

For most people, mold is an inconvenience.  For others, mold is a threat to a normal and healthy life. 

First of all, mold is never good, nor should it be tolerated.  Prompt action is highly recommended.  Mold will destroy whatever it grows upon, and constantly emits mold spores and mycotoxins.  A healthy person can tolerate the threat of mold, but mold pollution will wear on every immune system.  Those with lower immunity and allergies will be more vulnerable to mold threats.

Let's start with mold allergy.  Mold allergies can be mild or severe, and the symptoms vary from tiredness, sick feelings, red eyes, rashes, and coughing.  

Chronic Inflammation Response Syndrome (CIRS) is a less-known ailment but has the effect of declining health, general ill-at-ease, and health issues without a direct cause.

To determine if your house or office is a sick building and threat to your health, conduct an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) test that is more comprehensive than mold testing.  An IAQ test measures for toxicity and contamination as well as a visual inspection with various meters and lab tests.