Attic Mold in Plainfield IL

Attic Mold PlainfieldWe find that attic mold in Plainfield is fairly common.  Depending on the time of the year, this area has a heavy mold spore count, and the attic needs the outside air for normal ventilation.  While ventilation of the attic is critical, attic mold can happen in nearly any attic.  

Poor attic ventilation is the biggest reason for attic mold, neglected roof leaks is often the initial problem, and even large overhanging trees can be the reason.  Large trees shield the sun from the roof, and the sun doesn't dry out the wood from typical moisture.

So, even if your house is mold free, the attic can be affected by mold.  Dark spots are your first indication of mold.  Wood in the attic should look bright and not discolored.  Older homes may see some aging of the wood, resin marks in the wood, and even water stains for a previous leak.  Water stains will darken the wood, but attic mold will not resemble a water stain.  Attic mold is spotty or a large dark area usually on the sheeting.

The best advice is to have an expert look at the attic to determine if there is mold.  If you suspect attic mold, it probably is mold.  But, there is good news.  As long as the problem is not neglected, the cleaning process is very effective.

At Mold Inspection Plainfield, we treat mold in two stages.  One application is to kill the mold and the root.  We know that even if mold is only in part of the attic, it is necessary to treat all the attic.  

The second step is to lighten the mold discoloration.  Depending on the type of mold and length of time it has been active, mold will stain the wood.  Our second treatment further insures a full mold kill, but also bleaches the dark areas.  In most cases, the mold discoloration is gone or most removed.  

The other value that Mold Inspection Plainfield adds is our 100% four-year warranty that can transfer to the new owner.  We warranty that is the mold does come back, we will treat the attic again at no charge.  After all, if the mold is going to return, it will happen within a year or so.