Air Quality Test of my own House

Air Quality Testing

We use a variety of test meters to test the indoor air quality, so I decided to test the air in my own house.  To preface this information, we are not the first owners, and we are diligent about the products we use and the care of the home.  Nonetheless, after getting some of the more advanced test equipment, I tested my house.  The results were not good.

A house or building is a "Closed System" meaning the air mostly recycles inside with a limited amount of fresh air getting in.  Energy efficient homes over the last decade are so thight that they can actually create a more toxic building.  Who would have thought.  So, my findings is that at least 30% of the homes we test have bad or toxic air.  We do a lot of mold testing, but there is more to the quality of the air than mold issues.

We know that there is oxygen and nitrogen in our breathable air.  There, is also humidity that should be between 40-60%.  We use a professional hygrometer to test the humidity.

Then, we test for particles.  This includes dust, pollen, and mold spores.  The mold spore reading helps us find the threat of hidden mold or the intensity of the mold threat.

Then, we test for VOC (volatile organic compounds) which are toxic and harmful gases that come from a variety of sources.  This is something we will never know are beating on our health nd daily well-being.  

To get back to my house, we have high (too high) readings for mold spores and VOCs, which was a total surprise.  We started the same process that we use for our customers.  We HEPA vacuumed everything, we cleaned the air ducts, then we used an EPA registered misting sytem to detoxify the house.  We also took the time to clean the carpets with a safe process.  In the end, we cut the problem down to  very low reading.

Now, I know that a one-time effort may not solve years of living.  And, I know that there will be more activities that compromise our inital cleansing project.  So, I installed the very best air treatment system that I have found.  The six-stage Wave UV filtration unit does an amazing job of keeping my house maintained with clean, pollution-free, germ-free air.  I am very pleased that I could bring my epsertise to our home and my family.  I would have never thought that my house was literally a threat to the health of the family.