Toxic Air Testing

Toxic Air TestingThe biggest indoor health concern is mold.  Any kind of mold in a building is bad news.  Some types of mold are literally dangerous.  Most people have heard of Black Mold, but there are several types of mold that will gradually hurt the health of family or workers.  But, our inspections find that about 30% of inspection are not a mold threat.  They are a toxicity issue.  Bad air quality is worse than people might think.  And, the health impact of toxic air is a chronic health concern.

When testing the air for toxic or harmful gases, we find that most homes test in the safe range.  But, there is about 30% testing high for toxic levels.

The problem is that we cannot see or smell toxic air, like we might for mold.  It takes some sophisticated meters that can test for a variety of gases and chemical residue.  With the latest IAQ test equipment, we can test for mold, pollution, toxins, mold, humidity, and a variety of other health threats that were not possible before.

Toxic air has a classic complaint.  If you feel worse at home or work that any other location, the problem is likely some airborne threat.  These are extremely hard to sort out, and your doctor is often guessing at the cause of your health problem.  If your home or office is giving you headaches, eye irritation, passing nausea, tiredness or lethargy, spasms of cough, or the feeling of a cold trying to set in .... it could be a mild to serious air toxicity issue.

Testing for Air Quality and toxic conditionsThere is no need to guess at the problem.  Our test equipment offers the customer to see what we see.  thanks to breakthrough technology, we can test for a variety of issues and even look behind the wall using infrared camera technology.  So, those mysterious symptoms are no longer a mystery.

People with weakened immune systems, chemical sensitivities, and chronic illness are likely to feel the effects of toxic air that the other healthy family members may totally ignore.  It is frustrating when problems aggravate one of two people while the healthier people can't understand why a few people complain.  

Your complaints need not be an empty effort.  Our testing process will determine if the problem is a toxic, semi-toxic, or mold toxic building so there is black and white evidence of the real problem.  Remember, toxic air cannot be smelled or seen; but it is as real as a snake hiding in your house.  Whether the others know it or not, toxic air impacts everyone .... eventually.

The good news is that the full testing process is just $99 with not surprises.  And, you have the peace of mind that the issue is real or perhaps some personal health issue that needs further .  We are local, and we can respond the same day, the next day, or to match your schedule.  Fair, trusted, and professional services from Plainfield Mold Inspections.