Free Mold Inspections in Plainfield

Free Mold Inspection PlainfieldIsn't it crazy to think that a trained professional will travel 30-45 minute to your house, spend 30 minutes testing with professional equipment, and then travel to his next appointment ...for free?  In fact, a free mold inspection is never free.  Consider this guy makes 3-4 trips each day for a week.  How does he pay for his gas, car payment, lunch, or mortgage doing free mold inspections day after day?

The free mold inspections are working to the remediation service ... ON A COMMISSION. They make $400 to $750 for every customer they can scare into an over-priced contract.  So, a free mold inspection nothing less than a commissioned sales guy who is looking to score his next paycheck.  In reality, you are paying BIG DOLLARS for the "Free, but Commissioned" mold inspection.

We service this area as a local service that does good work at reasonable prices.  We charge $99 for a full mold inspection, and we provide professional mold remediation at a better price than the big names that are paying for advertising, Internet ads, and traveling sales reps.  

Here's the difference.  We do not work for the remediation company as quasi-salesperson. We work for you, the customer.  We know that you want an honest opinion, not scare tactics.  You want fairness, not an inflated bill to pay for advertising cost and commissions.  We know that people want fairness, honesty, and quality of work for a reasonable price.