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Mold Inspection

More than a Mold Estimate - We Test all IAQ Threats for $99

OMG Sanitized takes pride in offering our customers more than a visual inspection.  We bring our test equipment to every job, and provide a professional assessment that detects airborne health hazards.

Free mold inspections are usually a trick to get a pushy sales person in the door.  As professional mold inspectors, we offer a fair and complete service that provides an extensive and extreme evaluation of your home.  We do a comprehensive mold inspection, but we offer more.  We run three critically important tests to detect and expose hidden mold and health issues.  They are an Infrared camera inspection, multi-room particle count, and even a VOC and TVOC test.  VOCs and toxins are the other health issues that are equally concerning to any family or workplace.

Inspection Price: $99 in Plainfield, Shorewood, Joliet, Minooka, Channahon, Coal City, Braidwood and Morris

We do not use "Scare Tactics" or promote an expensive repair contract.  We rely on real-time testing, honest evaluations, and independent labs to give our customers the "honest facts".  

We have years of experience, great credentials, but we take pride in our ability to do an extreme mold inspection that is not just opinion and hype.  You see, some mold concerns also blend into latent toxins, chemical sensitivities, allergies, and chronic illness that requires more than assessing the mold problem.  As OSHA mold inspectors, your health is our concern.

When Hiring a Mold Inspector

When you hire a mold inspector, his job is to be an informed guide that will assess the mold threat and suggest the best solution.  Removing mold is one aspect of the service, but your health is actually more important.  The core duty is to help you understand the threat and solve the problem in the most effective way possible.  Because mold remediation can vary greatly (a few hundred to several thousand dollars), the small price paid for a professional mold inspector is the best way to protect yourself from over-priced mold remediation costs.

Indoor Air Quality Testing included ....

Not only is our inspection cost a good deal, we also provide real-time testing to toxic air, pollution, and chemical residue.  If your health issues are not caused by an active mold problem, the health aggravtion may be another health threat.  Toxic air is more prevelant than most people think.  We find that 30% of homes and 80% of businesses we test have other air quality problems that may be the couase of hard-to-diagnose ailments.

Mold sickness is one kind of air contamination.  Toxicity, pollution, and chemical residuse can cause similar health problems as mold.  When testing for mold, it makes sense to test the air quality at many levels to arrive at a full solution to any family health concerns.

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Mold is a known health concern.  While not all mold is harmful, mold can trigger allergies, skin rashes, throat irritations, ear infections, headaches, and itchy eyes.  In some cases, toxigenic mold can cause create serious health threats.  If there is a family member with respiratory problems, mold can compound health problems and may colonize in the lungs.  If family members are experiencing skin rashes, itchy eyes, persistent ear infections, colds that happen too frequently, allergy problems, or unexplained health problems .... a mold inspection can reveal potential mold threats or alleviate your concerns about mold in the home or office.

Commercial Buildings 
OSHA Trained for Residential and Commercial Mold Inspection and Remediation

Plainfield Mold Inspections are capable of performing mold inspections and remediations for commercial buildings

We also perform Level One and Level Two IAQ (indoor air quality) testing.  Fee is $250 for Level One testing (Real-time meter testing)

Level Two IAQ testing include air samples that are evaluated by a certified lab with detailed reporting.

Level Two testing includes air samples sent to the lab for detailed reports. $495 ... includes Level One testing