Toxic Mold Increase for Plainfield

As an experienced mold inspector, I have seen only the rare case of toxic mold (or Black Mold) in the Plainfield area.  But, the rise of toxigenci mold seems to be increasing.  This may be the result of a spat of vacant homes during the last eight years due to foreclosures, or the aging of area homes.  Nonetheless, no one should take the presence or smell of mold lightly.  While, many mold types are generally allergenic, some are toxigenic.  In other words they can make you sick.

Don't Get Ripped Off by a Free Mold Inspection

As an independent mold inspector, we often encounter the "Post Free Inspection" issues of clients.  Logic must tell us that "No one works for free", so how does a mold inspector take the time, buy the gas, and pay his bills to offer free mold inspections through the area?  This is literally impossible, yet many Plainfield residents fall for the free mold inspection scam.

Black Mold in Plainfield

We constantly hear of various mold inspection firms invoking "Black Mold" scare tactics.  Well, here's the truth.  Black mold is rare, but it is dangerous if it is found.  Moeny mold types are black, green, brown; but color is not the determination of Black Mold.  

Symptoms of Mold Sickness in Plainfield

Mold, even small areas of mold, can be a health concern.  Mold in Aurora is fairly common for several reasons.  Older Aurora homes may have issues not considered when they were built.  With a river flowing through, hills and valleys, and seasonal weather change; mold in Aurora is very common.  Older homes did not require footer drains, water runoff planning, and more advanced building safeguards.