Sick Buildings and Toxic Homes

Is your home or office making your sick?  Does one location make you feel much worse than other buildings?  If so, this is the classic indicator that your home or workplace is toxic.  

But, don't worry.  We have some very effective solutions if your home or workplace is toxic or semi-toxic.  Toxic buildings are more common than you think.  We find that about 80% of office buildings and 30% of home have higher toxic levels.  And, not everyone reacts the same way.  Some people are just fine in a building that makes others sick.  But, toxic buildings are a threat to everyone, whether they know it or not.  

Mold may be one of the more obvious health threats.  But, there are other health concerns that harm the family and workers.  They are residue from chemicals, building and furniture offgassing, cleaning chemicals, paints, glues, carpet, pesticides, and so much more.  Since buildings are closed systems, whatever goes in rarely goes back out.  Therefore, homes and offices retain and recycle the toxins even though there is no associated smell.

Odors, however, raise the stakes.  Odors are nature's warning sign that something is wrong.  A mold or mildew smell is such a health warning.  That smell is telling us that there is a growing danger in the building.  

Our team are specialist in more than mold.  We offer indoor air quality (IAQ) testing for the other health-harming issues that are resident in the building.  To do this, we use a variety of meters for real-time testing to determine the type of toxic threat that may be in the air.  If there is a problem, our team knows the smart and affordable way to solve the problem.

Call Mold Inspection Plainfield for a full mold and IAQ inspection and test.  The $99 fee is a flat fee for an expert analysis.