Buying a House with Mold in Plainfield

Plainfield Real Estate mold problemBuying a home in Plainfield may be the biggest purchase of your life.  If that home has hidden or a minor mold problem, do not jump too quickly into  the deal.  Mold is always a concern.  And over time, mold will cause a number of odd illness concerns.  More than a few families have been forced to sell their new home and move out because of mold illness or health concerns.

The problem is that a latent mold issue may be hidden or too minor to worry about.  But, no mold problem should be ignored.  Mold is more than a small nuisance or odd basement smell.  Mold constantly produces spores that float throughout the house and also produce mycotoxins.

Mycotoxins are, as the name implies, a "Toxin" or kind of poison that will affect the health of a family or building workers.  Like a poison, very small doses may not have much affect .... today.  Over time, a constant ingestion of poison will make anyone sick and accelerate other chronic diseases.  There is no example where tolerating mold in a build isn't a serious health concern.

Toxins and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are a hidden and invisible threat that requires special testing.  Regardless of mold problems, some homes are latent threats due to chemical residue, toxins, pollutants, cleaning products, and even pesticides.  You'll never know the toxic threat until months after the move-in and then the burden in on you as the new owner.  

Plainfield Mold Inpsection will conduct a thorough inspection including Infrared Imaging to find hidden wet spots, multi-room particle counter testing, and VOC testing that provide an insight to whether is there is a real or latent mold problem in a potential home for your family.  We suggest that any home that is under contract include a preventive mold inspection from Plainfield Mold inspection.