Mold Inspection for New Home Buyers

Mold Inspection for New Home BuyersWhen buying a new home, I strongly advise a complete mold inspection.  Mold is insidious, hiding in dark and little-known areas; but always ready to spread to more and more areas over time.  It can start from something as simple as a sweating or leaky water pipe, sewer line, or small crack around the windows.  Other times, it is a dark spot in the attic that will literally destroy the roof over time.

You may not know that a serious mold infestation could be a $5000 to $12,000 cost, but it is not cheap mold starts to spread.  Compared to the small cost of a mold inspection, no one should buy a home until there is a professional mold inspection.  

More than the visual inspection that looks in every place mold can grow, there is also the air sampling.  Even hidden mold pushes out spores that an air sample for mold will pick up.  When mold is caught early, it is easy and cheap to removes.  Once it starts spreading, walls and materials must be removed and replaced.

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