Mold Testing Dispels Worry - Joliet IL

Infrared mold inspectionThe professionals of GreenSoft Group always conduct a visual inspection (top to bottom) to verify if there is a visible mold problem.  This is the best way to discover any mold serious concerns.  Some dark areas may look like mold, but it takes a professional eye, testing, and first-hand sight to confirm a mold threat.

Our mold inspectors also conduct infrared temperature testing looking for cool spots that reveal hidden water or mold issue.  We will also use a moisture meter probe to isolate the areas where moisture is found. We cannot over-emphasize the value of an experienced professional giving the building a thorough inspection.

However, we may also perform an air sample by drawing ambient air into a filtering cassette.  This cassette is sent to an independent lab where the types of mold are enumerated, and the spore count is shown by percentage and actual spore count.  Knowing the type of mold can be very important to the evaluation process.  Some molds are allergenic, but some are toxigenic.  Either way, the problem needs to addressed, but toxigenic mold raises the level of concern, particularly if the spore count is high.

A full review also requires an outdoor air sample as a baseline.  Mold is everywhere, so we know that the inside test will show some mold presence.  The next question is whether the inside air, that should be much more filtered than the outside air, shows any spore counts HIGHER than the outside air.  

All of these inspection questions allow a professional mold inspector to give the owner or renter a more clear picture of the any mold threat.  As an independent mold inspector, our job is to be on your side, prevent ripoff tactics, and assure that the job is done right.