Mold Inspection before You Sell Your House

If you are planning to sell your home in Planifeld, IL; always get a mold inspector to check for potential mold threats.  Banks, buyers, and the required home inspection highlight potential mold concerns, even if the dark spot isn't mold.  It takes a Certified Mold Inspector to evaluate the threat or existance of mold, and suggest the best way to resolve the issue BEFORE you invite buyers to consider buying the house.

Getting a "Mold Clearance" letter for a professional mold inspector is not expensive; and it answer the big question of mold before it can stall or spoil the deal.

Also, as the previous owner, you have a liability if the next family claims to get ill a year after the purchase from pre-existing mold problems.  A mold clearance letter limisyour exposure because you have proof of the mold condition at the time of purchase.