Don't Get Ripped Off by a Free Mold Inspection

As an independent mold inspector, we often encounter the "Post Free Inspection" issues of clients.  Logic must tell us that "No one works for free", so how does a mold inspector take the time, buy the gas, and pay his bills to offer free mold inspections through the area?  This is literally impossible, yet many Plainfield residents fall for the free mold inspection scam.

Every free mold inspection service is paid on commission to go out on a free call, scare the customer with horror stories of Black Mold, Mold Sickness, and danger to family members.  Then comes the pitch.  The fake mold inspector will sign up the anxious customer to an outrageous contract even if the problem could have been resolved in a far more simplistic manner.  

No matter how foolish it sounds, free mold inspections are probably the worst way to handle a mold threat.  That free mold inspection could literally cost you $1000 in commissions for the mold inspector that came at your beckoned call.  Even HomeAdvisor, Angie's List, or Thumbtack are feeding grounds for the free mold inspection gambit.  These services sell leads based on your inquiry to a dozen member services, so they get $15 times 12 ($180) for reselling your inquiry to these members.

Then, the customer is swamped with offers for free mold inspections.  Again, how can companies pay referral fees, send out a mold inspector, and cover their cost using a free mold inspection offer?

By now, you are probably realizing that free mold inspections are not free at all.  They are an easy way to get their foot in the door.  Once in the door, that proxy sales person applies the pressure to get a contact can collect a healthy commission that far exceeds what a legitimate mold inspector would charge.

Mold Inspection Plainfield is an independent mold inspection service that is not owned, obligated, or selling for a mold service.  We work for you, and we take pride in accurate analysis, saving our customers money, and assuring a complete remediation.